Sony announces the launch of two new Blu-ray disc players - BDP S300 and S500

I just posted the article Sony announces the launch of two new Blu-ray disc players - BDP S300 and S500.

Also today some Blu-ray news, as Sony has announced the launch of two new Blu-ray disc players. One of them is considered high end (BDP-S500) and the other one (BDP-S300) should appeal…

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Sony is kidding us…when there are HD-DVD players that cost $99, who do you compete when you roll out a €599 Blueray??? I suppose not even Sony would buy it…

Whatever $ony is smoking, I wish they’d give me some. Seriously, do they really despise their customer base that much. It’s like a rock group that hates their fans. I just have to shake my head and wonder WTF. I guess it isn’t all bad news. For €599 you also get a mediocre movie. Maybe they should throw in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 as a bonus. Sheesh !!! :r

Sony is heading the wrong way. I understand their high prices. They are using expensive technology and enough stand alone BD players have not been sold to lower prices by much. A lot of PS3 has been sold but sony lost a huge amount of money on the PS3 and need to recover the loss. They can’t lower prices much on the PS3 either. However the PS3 is Sony’s best bet for this war. They should forget all these expensive stand alone players and focus everything on the PS3. With all blu ray adoptors focused on the ps3 they can get the price down more. Then more people would buy and they can lower the price more then more people would buy still. I don’t see any other way. I would buy a PS3 for $250 not $399. In as much as I support HD-DVD a lot of good movies end up on Blu-ray. Darn it studios. See the light. Studios would make more money than they can count if they all released on HD-DVD. One would wonder if studios are really in business to make money or to worship sony.
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Perhaps that Sony is targeting a niche market (i.e. minuscule number of people like those who buy Bang & Olufsen) and believe that ignoring consumers at large in favor of higher margins is the way to go. It may work for tiny companies, but not semi-mass merchants like Sony. And tossing a bone to the kiddie gamers with PS3s that play BD discs is no substitute for full-blown standalones – and besides, PS3 doesn’t offer 7.1/5.1 Dolby Digital or any surround sound home theater experience…just an HD picture.

If that free movie is Spiderman-3, they should give you a free player just for watching it.

When the competition drops prices, Sony releases some even more expensive players. Typical Sony arrogance, thinking they can get away with it. No worries though, consumers will be making their decisions this holiday season using the all mighty dollar. Then we’ll see how much further Sony’s arrogance will go. :r