Sony announces the DRU-700A and the DRX-700UL double layer DVD burners



I just posted the article Sony announces the DRU-700A and the DRX-700UL double layer DVD burners.

 A while ago some pictures and  info showed  up about Sony's first double layer DVD+R burner and today Sony has  officially announced the new models, the DRU-700A and the DRX-700UL. The...
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This is nice, but the Philips DVDRW1640K is nicer. Can’t wait to get hold of one, but I suspect DL media are going to be hard to come by for quite a while yet.


It would be nice to see them add an 8MB buffer someday. As for the Philips, well, I’ve not seen great quality control in their CDRW drives, which I found to be rather flimsy. It probably looks good on paper, but I’d wait for someone else to go dual layer with.


plextor double layer will crown king


Well its pretty and with a nice price, i hope it has the write quality to go with it.


Sony? Whats all this “Double Layer” shit! Its “DUAL LAYER”. Sounds far better!


I do not see the selling point for this drive. I think Sony would have been better off increasing the DVD+R write speed to 12X and adding dual layer cabability, rather than releasing a slightly improved DRU 530. I see this drive as a stop gap between the current DRU 530 and the future 12X burner that will be available in the third Quarter of the year.


Shadowmatrix, I dont really think the main issue is how “fast” the drive can write. The main thing is dual layer writing capabilities. At last we’ll be able to make “real” 1 to 1 backups of our favorite DVD movies without having to consume time for re-encoding and losing quality.


And for data-storage freaks (like me), it means that my backups will take up less physical space… :slight_smile:


@ Discman The official name for the technology is “Double Layer”! I know, “Dual Layer” sounds better, but those are the brakes! As far as having a 2MB buffer, how does the DRU-530A perform? I’m currently still using Sony’s last model that had an 8MB buffer (the DRU-510A), and my buffer has never gone below 97%. I don’t think it will be an issue. Most other drives now have 2MB buffers anyway.


SiC, I understand your point that with Dual Layer capability you will be able to create 1 to 1 copies of consumer DVD without re-encoding. I however do not understand why Sony decided to release this drive at a maximum 8X writing speed, when it would have made sense to market the dual layer capability in a 12X drive. Unless Sony plans to stop selling the DRU 530 and replace it with this new drive, it will cannibalize the sales of the DRU 530. I own and am very pleased with my Plextor PX-708A, and would not replace that drive with this model just for the added ability of Dual Layer burning. I still maintain that this drive is a stop gap for Sony until they release a 12 Dual Layer burner in the third quarter of the year. If I am not mistaken, the Philips 12x Dual Layer burner should be on the market by early spring, so why would a potential buyer entertain the idea of purchasing this Sony drive if a faster and equally reliable drive is available at a similar price point.


The speed concern may be moot because if they support it anything like past drives (I still have a 500A bought as soon as they cam out) they will likely release a firmware upgrade to bump it one notch. My worry would be that the - dual/double layer support isn’t out yet, and for that the would likely need or want to to release a new model to either satisfy chipset requirements or generate additional revenue depending on the case.


OK :d