Sony announces the 810 series burners with 8x DVD+R DL

I just posted the article Sony announces the 810 series burners with 8x DVD+R DL.

Generation of Dual Format DVD Burners Tout Industry’s Fastest Speed With 8X
DVD+R Double Layer Recording

Aug. 16, 2005 - Sony Electronics has once…

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is this another lite-on drive? sony license the lite-on’s dont they?

No, see here.

This One is Benq 1640 clone. Good bye Lite On.:S

No DVD-RAM support? What is so difficult about adding DVD-RAM support? Where can I buy 8x DVD+R DL media? I still haven’t seen any media that official supports speeds above 2.4x, and they still cost a fortune! Danny.

First, if a DVD drive adopts and carries the mainchip corresponding to a DVD-RAM function which Hitachi/LG (Renesas?), Pioneer and NEC (NEC) Panasonic,TEAC (Matsushita), and SANYO … etc mainchip manufacture. they can reading and write DVD-RAM.(also Pickup.) if the mainchip and Pickup does not support a DVD-RAM function. cannot be read / write , either, Since DRU-810 system will be a clone of DW1640, a mainchip is made by Philips. Nexperia. Therefore, DVD-RAM cannot be written. And DVD+R DL is restricted to Only Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM) makes, and speeding is permitted Now. Although it is recommendation 2.4x of a disk manufacturer, but Side of Drive (and firmware) only “can write by 8X.”:S