Sony announces PS3 price drop to $249.99

Sony announces PS3 price drop to $249.99.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony is not messing around. At this years Gamescom the company announced they would be cutting the price of the PS3, yet again, bringing it down to $249.99 (or €249.99 in Europe and ¥24,980 in Japan).  If Sony's Andrew House is to be believed that price is effective immediately.

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Needs to be cheaper.

Sony have to be the second greediest company behind Apple.

The main selling point of the PS3 over the Xbox360 was the hardware was much better. But as an owner of an Xbox360 Slim and PS3 Slim 320GB i would say in terms of hardware the 360 is sleeker and better,

Other than of course the lack of Blu-Ray but really this is offset by the face that you can install every game to the hard drive on the 360 and get totally fast loading silent running.

The Ps3 320GB needs to be £200 in the UK. and 160GB model £170 Anything more than this is over priced.

From a ripe high of $600 to $249? Hmm, now you know how much being ripped off feels like… making the console these days probably doesn’t exceed $100 nor did it exceed $250 in the first days of production. Companies keep the true costs a closely guarded trade secret, even those teardowns are very high ballpark esitmates and are PR spins to justify the MSRP price. Where are the next generation consoles?

Also, if they think they can make a console beyond the $500 price tag again, they’re heading for a bath on sales. The gaming industry while strong, is not what it used to be… the ability to keep games exclusive to a console are not as viable anymore (especially with computing power the way it is today, emulation and multi-platform porting is a much easier task today than it was say… even 10 years ago). Game consoles will also need to think outside the box for a bit… they will be media hubs, set-tops and multi-os platforms rather than dedicated consoles.

The evolution is upon us, WHO will get there first with a popular concept? SONY, MICROSOFT, APPLE, GOOGLE?

Come on guys be realistic. $250 is not bad at all for a top gen console specially when it has a blu ray player as a bonus.

I would hardly call Sony or Apple greedy with respect to their hardware, considering with the low margins these products make per unit. Read about it. You want greed look at HDTV manufacturers, those have huge profit margins.

tmc8080 you’re wrong. The PS3 cost a fortune to make in the beginning and when it was released at $600 it was not profitable. It exceeded $800 to manufacture a PS3 in 2006. Yes $800 ! They make their money on the games.
Console hardware, like any PC product, has a premium price when initially released. and comes down over time. We all know this. Even at 250 they are not making much profit, they may still be taking a loss actually. In 2009 it still cost $336 for them to make the PS3 when it sold for $299. Can’t find the current cost…

Anthony1uk I agree but for different reasons. It was always lie that PS3 had superior hardware. The video / graphics tech inside the 360 was a generation ahead of the PS3’s nVidia GPU Sony used. 360 had the first DirectX 10 video card in it a year before they came to the PC, thanks to the collaboration between MS and ATI ! Its true. 360 has a more efficient, non-segmented / unified GPU architecture. PS3 had a higher CPU processing power but not GPU, and was far more difficult to program for.

“Sony announces PS3 price drop to $249.99”

To Late, If Sony had been consumer friendly…They would not be Falling like they are Now!!!

Very few companies mass produce a product at a loss… Sony included. If you believe the company PR spin then you probably drink the Apple kool aid as well about their products and the publicisized teardowns of build cost. How many companies do you know that publish their true mass production contract terms? It’s almost unheard of. Estimates are based upon component costs, labor and production facilities, but never does a company reveal the “to the penny” numbers. If they say it was $800, they’re lying. There were some increased costs because a high number of the blu ray lasers were failing in initial production. Then they had to keep revising the motherboard due to hardware hacks which would attack the copyright protection and that cost money as well, but NOT $800, not even close.