Sony announces new upscaling DVD player

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Sony announced today the DVP-NS708H, an upscaling DVD player. The DVP-NS708H upscales Standard Definition DVDs to 1080p, 1920x1080 Full HD images with progressive scanning and comes with a HDMI…

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The specs look good, I’m sure pricing is reasonable, the player probably looks nice, plays DivX/Xvid… but then they had to put the Sony name on the front. Why did they have to do that? I might have bought one. Why couldn’t they have put a photo of a fat chick with buck teeth and a lazy eye on the front? That would have been less offensive to me. DukeNukem… spreading peace and tranquility on CDFreaks since 2004.
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No BD ? No profile 3.0 ? Then I don’t need it… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Does $ony still invest in DVD based stuff ??? What a surprise… HD is the future I was told by $ony fanboys and $onyt reps, so what and who to belive now ??? :r
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I’d buy that for a dollar!

Hey Sony, why do we need overpriced Beta-ray crap if an upscaling DVD player does much the same job ? Oh that’s right, HollyWart has you by the balls.