Sony announces new blue-laser drive and media

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The  first set-top Blu-ray recorder, the Sony BDZ-S77, will soon be launched  in Japan  and Sony has now also announced a blue-laser Ultra-wide 160 SCSI  internal 5.25" drive for use in...
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wow thats a lot of money.

nothing compared to what RIAA asked the poor student :+ :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it’s cheaper than DVD writeable drives. I remember seeing DVD-RAM first come out and it was $ 16,000 US. I’m betting DVD-+R drives were cheaper.
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The important thing is that they are out and available. In time if it is like all other PC devices, the price will drop. This is one heck of an advance in storage. Wow.

Can’t wait for a Lite-on or plextor version.

I’d wait until the transfer rate improves on the 23.3GB version first. 9MB/s Max is equivalent to 6xDVD max. My DVD-ROM reads DVD-R’s at 12x, giving a throughput of 18MB/s. A 20xDVD-ROM (fastest I’ve seen for sale) has a throughput of 30MB/s. Then again, their 100GB version would be nice. Backup your entire DVD, CD and MP3 collection on on disc. :d