Sony announces its most sophisticated MP3 Walkman ever



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 Sony is  still determined to fight its way back on the market after being disappointed  with its previous sales performance, apart from  Japan.  Now they are working on improving its...
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“The 6GB and 20GB Walkman players will be priced at £169 and £169 in the UK …” Hmm, I think I’ll take the 20 gig one please :wink:


DRM should be boycotted And does anyone else just not care about the lack of radio? Radio these days sucks, why would you want one with a player that can hold half your music collection?


Sorry, the 20GB palyer should have been £199. One source mentioned it backwards (20GB followed by 6GB pricing), so I accidentally read the same price twice. Even still, £30 extra for a player with 2.5x capacity ain’t that bad :stuck_out_tongue:


Just more Sony Walkman junk. :r


Well I like this shuffle feature where you can pick what to shuffle by different catagories. I hope this idea catches on. Or better yet, i wish my iRiver cold achieve this with a firmware update. I think radio is imortant as often I will listen to news when I am tired of music.
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I think this player is nice, but Sony still isn’t getting the point. People that don’t want iPods basically either don’t need them, or don’t like the restriction. You are forced to use Apple’s software to load music onto your iPod. Sony just did the same with their player, except you have to use their much crappier software to load music onto it. They should allow you to drag over files basically through windows explorer, or use whatever music player you want to upload songs to your player. This is one reason why I don’t have an Ipod. I like them, but I don’t want to be forced to use Itunes to load music on it.


A great site for digital audio players is It goes hand-in-hand with cdfreaks for your daily news! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the link kahn, the geek in me is loving it


@ greensabath Never heard of Anapod Explorer then?
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they want to keep it like the ipod, so then they want to release a mp3 player based on a mp3 designed multiple years ago?? They should be making some new radical feature rather than keeping it the same as a boring looking ipod :r


Just a load more crap why would i want shuffle when i can just pick the ones i like to listen to.


or Ephpod or the Winamp plugin or a multitude of other software options that enable you to use your iPod without ever having to install itunes…


All those “Intellectual” “smart” “learn” just means over-engineered (and over-priced) for me. A simple, solid (512Mb) player with radio is all I need. And, Gb is too much storage also. It only made a mess of what I cannot find. I guess what I want just cannot be profitable enough for them.
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