Sony announces HDD/DVD recorders with PSP compatibility

I just posted the article Sony announces HDD/DVD recorders with PSP compatibility.

Looks like
Sony is trying to breath the breath of life into the PSP again on the heels of
the UMD failure, by allowing you to download video from these new media
Sony has…

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As long as Sony tries to force DRM and other restrictions down the throats of their customers, nobody will buy their products. Just wait and watch until Blu-Ray goes the UMD way. Personally, I will never buy any gadget with the word “SONY” on it.

I second your boycot.

DLNA is a competing standard against MS UPnp; imho, both are lousy. DLNA compliant means that DLNA aware devices & software can detect each other & do the automatic networking setup. this doesn’t mean that recorded shows are without the drm i bet sony will ship the very limited, bloated & buggy software that sony won’t support next year for windows xp only. only the psp will be supported as sony will lock the transfered shows to the particular psp devices. i wouldn’t be supprised if sony limit the number of psp transfer on same show. the devices itself seems promising if you want to use it to watch not archiving.

I will buy twice as many Sony products because of such ignorance as stated above

As one person said it on another forum “Fu*k off Sony!” Most of my friends in high school are boycotting Sony now. And there’s no reason to change that. I even had a friend buy 4 DS’s! And WE have nothing against Nintendo (NO DRM), but that’s another story.