Sony announces global eBook reader release



I just posted the article Sony announces global eBook reader release.

Along with expanding Reader sales, Sony plans to launch a content plaform in Japan offering newspapers, books, magazines and comics.

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Sony makes a pretty solid ebook reader. I have a PRS-505 from CES '09 (they gave them out to buyers loaded w/marketing materials for Sony products), but IDK if I would’ve actually spent the money on one. One I had it, however, I loved it, & still use it regularly. The eInk display is really easy on the eyes & just like reading a book to me. No fading in direct sunlight is awesome. Plus, I like the way they’ve placed the buttons: convenient for the way one naturally holds a real book.

What Sony was missing for a long time was the connectivity of the Kindle (husband has a Kindle DX), but they just came out with the Daily Edition PRS-900 with free 3G wireless. Haven’t seen one in person yet.

It’s great to see them going global with this. I hope it will give them some staying power in the eBook market. They have a solid product, but tough competition.