Sony announces first 8X Blu-ray disc writer



I just posted the article Sony announces first 8X Blu-ray disc writer.

Sony has officially announced its third generation internal Blu-ray Disc writer, the BWU-300S, which brings Blu-ray burning speed up to 8x for compatible single and dual layer BD-R media. At…

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“One thing I would really like to see is a major cut in BD-R pricing, since there has been barely any price change in blank 25GB & 50GB media over the past year”

Maybe not in your area, but in the US last year BD-R = $20, now you can get for $6. In Japan is like $3-4 each.


Good luck with pricing, Seán. Sony’s running the show now. You may have to sell your first born child on ebay to afford a 10 pack of 8x BD-R discs. Thanks for leaving us hanging in the wind, Toshiba.


I thought it was 8x cheaper discs :a


Hopefully all the ODD companies will release 8x BD-R drives soon and then clearance out the 4x drives. I want to see a $100 Blu-ray burner!


Ya see. This is where Toshiba made their mistake. They went after the video entertainment market instead of where the real meat and veg was. Computers. If they had flooded the market with cheaper HDDVD recorders for computer use (and an easily hackable DRM) then Sony would be bawwwing right now.


Where can I purchase this blu-ray burner at


i want to a blu ray disk writer