Sony announces external SSDs and HDDs – military grade

We’ve just posted the following news: Sony announces external SSDs and HDDs – military grade[newsimage][/newsimage]

Sony today announced an external Solid State Disk (SSD) and two external hard disk drives (HDD).

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Oh, great… a company that specializes in violating privacy with rootkits is making military-grade storage devices. What will they do now, steal the military’s credit cards?

Lol. No. They just collect the credit card numbers, fire their IT gurus, and have the cc numbers stolen :wink:

I’m still not too certain when I read about “military grade” computers.

Do their embedded kevlar parts stop RPGs and artillery shells? Or merely AK-47 and M16 bullets? And if they’re solid enough to protect against artillery shells, how big? The German 88s? Or if the USS Missouri was shelling me, could I merely duck behind a military grade motherboard, and then impudently snarl back about cleaning my nostrils in their general direction?

Will they stand up to nuclear blasts, including the electromagnetic pulses? I’d think this would be a fairly minimal quality that “military grade” would offer - to keep on ticking while the others take a licking, as John Cameron Swayze might say.

Or, do these computers work even after being overrun during a tank assault? I mean, if tanks crushed thru my office-walls and ran down my computers, would Military Grade let them keep working whereas Civilian Grade would leave me wondering if my backups were complete?

Somehow, I still think I’ll feel like Slim Pickens when he and his posse ride up to the tollgate at the William J. LePetomane Thruway. “We’re gonna need a ___load of…” these Military Grade SSDs for protection!

Do you really need SSD for external storage? Isn’t USB3.0 a fair bit slower than SATA2?

I really only use an SSD as my C: so that windows/programs/games all run/load very quickly. Anyone else is storage and on much larger/slower drivers. Most of the time external drivers are for storage… don’t really need SSD for that…

It’s just a marketing gimmick. I’ve have the opportunity to see firsthand the design of some military electronics. Now I can only speak to the products I saw myself, but I’d definitely say the designs were not as robust as automotive electronics.

You guys are killin’ me. Ya mean my plans for a fashion line of SSD-bearing vests (maybe 80 - twenty on each front half, 40 across the back) wouldn’t be the [I]cat’s meow[/I] for Real He-Man military grade [I]haute couture[/I]?!! “In 17 shades of camo-!”

And I was going to insist we get those T-connector cables like USB 1.0 promised for the vest, too. Now, it looks like I’ll need a bunch of wireless dongles instead… maybe have them connected up into the neck-liner or labels. Oooh - even better - EPAULETS!!

I need to call Uncle Martin to see if those antenna-out-of-the-head are patented.

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2699784]I’m still not too certain when I read about “military grade” computers.

Do their embedded kevlar parts stop RPGs and artillery shells?[/QUOTE]

Most human beings ever deployed as troops engaged in military affairs must have marched and fought on barefoot. I right now probably have more “military grade” hardware than the average ROK soldier that actually had to confront enemies.

What “military grade” meant for the troops among whom I served was very different from what I see from products news on those labelled as such these days. Since I was accustomed to do everything manually, and I mean by bare hands when I say manually, including things that could have been done with shovels and brushes, such a term does not sound excessive. Those products feel durable enough. I think it’s largely a matter of budget and technology. But then most people are dumb and even the smartest people usually make bad and wrong decisions so it might be that those products paid by taxpayers for military use are mostly waste of money. Just as most people are too proud and vane and greedy, so are generals and captains and they make corrupt decisions especially when it comes to spending money paid by others.

Well, that was not really about a particular Sony SSD but rather more about the general history of military logistics of East and West since I was thinking of F-35’s and military uniforms.

As for the practical aspect of external SSD units, I think it’s proper to have SSD board and chips inside most external storage devices. The one I had for a few weeks was very good, but it’ll still require a few more years for this revolution for a really versatile PC to complete during which SSD’ll continue to evolve in all important areas.