Sony announces DVD-Player with Super Audio CD and HDMI output



I just posted the article Sony announces DVD-Player with Super Audio CD and HDMI output.

   SONY ANNOUNCES TOP OF THE RANGE DVD PLAYER WITH SUPER AUDIO  CD AND HDMI OUTPUT   Picture  quality and cutting edge design meet in this new  feature-packed, stylish DVD player  ...
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Well, its just upscaling the normal DVD picture and not the real thing, and this model doesn’t belong to the Sony best quality device series. But it can be a nice improvement anyway, besides there are other manufacturers talking about HD readers and the time seems to indicate near future interesting changes, no matter the format wars…


I wonder how the digital upscaling compares to true HD. Sounds good though. The HDMI output is also a nice feature. HDMI isn’t a common feature on most dvd players yet.


This would be worth it if you could play MS HD WMV or DivX’s HD video codecs. At least you get your money’s worth. Does anyone know how much? Luis
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