Sony announces Blu-CD

I just posted the article Sony announces Blu-CD.

According to this article over at Engadget, Sony has another Blu-spec up its sleeve. This time they’re taking aim at CDs. Blu-spec CDs, to be precise. It takes advantage of (wait…

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WTF??? should of saw this coming.

“but with prices ranging from $25 to $42 you may want to wait for its Wal-Mart bargain bin debut.”

Shall I give Sony the proverbial middle finger or will someone else do the honors?

Prices are still too high for all this Blu-crap, and these companies just don’t get it.

No one uses cd anymore but i do love Blu Ray films and I buy some here and there

I would love to have my fav composers in this format, but in the meantime, Sony can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Comes with Root Kit Mk2

Dont’t get it…how can these discs play in regular cd players. If thats the case, why can’t Blu movies play in regular dvd players…lol.

This format wont sell unless they change the name to iBlu-CD :stuck_out_tongue: