Sony announces a new USB turntable



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I don’t want discuss about the audiophile aspects of vinyl vs CDs, but many people would certainly like to convert their LP collection into CD. There are various reasons to do this: to play your…

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Gotta love it, sony spends millions to lock their content, then markets a device to rip DRM free tracks from Lps No hippocrasy there, I see!! :g


Thats cool and at that price its a steal but why bull$hit? “It offers a belt drive system for reduced motor noise and rotational stability” I am no audiophile but in the light of the direct drive system I am not sure how accurate the statement is. :r


The best way to get your LP collection to CD is to buy the CDs…


I think this is pretty cool. Not only can you hook it up to your pc, but it also inclues left and right audio for hooking it up to a home stereo, so you can listen to your records. I’m not sure if this is a “quality” player though, I don’t know much about record players, so please someone tell me if this is just a cheapo design, or if it is well worth my $150.


Don’t expect much for that price! It’s just a record player with a USB. A true “Turntable” with decent build quality alone will cost a few hundred more than this thing. This is a good concept, but consider what you need for quality transfers: A Good quality TT ($300+) A High performance cart (starting @$75) A reciever with a quality analog phono stage (rare these days) Cables & a good sound card + decent software. To make an all-in-one unit that matches what is required for high performance playback, let alone truly audiophile would run at least $500. I wouldn’t play a K-Tel album on this thing.