Sony announces 360° 3D prototype display



Sony announces 360° 3D prototype display.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony engineers have developed what could be the first 360 degree, holographic, high-definition display on its way to the consumer market.

Read the full article here: [°-3d-prototype-display-32214/](°-3d-prototype-display-32214/)

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AWSOME :iagree:


Groovy, I notice it’s a Sony, and didn’t mention a price. Which probably means if I gotta ask, I can’t afford it.


This sounds so awesome! Looking forward to testing out a demo of it.


In the video it appears as though the actual screen is only on one side of the cylindar. If that’s the case, it really isn’t 3D. It’s just a standard 2D TV, although you supposedly can rotate the image to see it from various angles. But at any given time, it seems like you’re seeing a 2D image of the current angle of view.

They never give a good look at the device because it’s always in a pitch black room, and only show it from the one side, so I don’t think it’s what they’re trying to make it out to be.