Sony announces 128GB BD-R XL discs for consumers


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Sony has announced a 128GB BD-R XL disc for consumers that will become available in November this year. The Japanese company boasts that it’s world’s largest BD-R disc. To enable the large capacity, the disc uses four layers.


Did they also boast that it will come with rootkit to disable your security.


It’s not worth it… 5 discs @ 128GB per disc is 640GB for $53. I can get a Hitachi 2TB (2000GB) hard drive for $39.95. so basically with the hard drive your getting more than triple the storage space for about $13 less and it’s far more convenient to and likely faster to access the data.

the only way those discs would be appealing is if they are reliable and reasonably priced as I can’t see spending more than $3 MAX per disc for any kind of recordable media like this and it has to have DVD recordable media reliability to as I see no point in buying recordable media if it can’t last AT LEAST 10-20+ years.


I fully agree as for as home storage goes. Even the physical storage space does not rival hard disks, i.e. 2TB portable HDD is more compact than a stack of 16 BD-R XL’s (for 2TB), plus no flipping through 16 discs to find a misplaced backup. As for a 5TB 2.5" portable HDD, there’s no comparison. :smile:

The only minor use I can think of would be for mailing a large amount of data on 1 to 3 discs. Even then, it would still be cheaper to mail 5 to 15 BD-R’s, plus less of a risk of a BD-R XL compatibility issue with the recipient’s BD-R drive, if they even have one.

A little cost comparison for here in Ireland:

  • 5980 YEN is about €46.66 for 5 BD-R XL’s, i.e. €9.33 per 128GB BD-R XL disc
  • I can buy a refurbished 1TB USB HDD from Western Digital for €33
  • On Amazon UK, I can buy a BD-R 50-pack for about €37, which works out at €3.70 for 5 discs (125GB)
  • To mail 1, 2 or 3 BD-R XL’s would cost €9.33, €18.66 and €28 (plus postage), respectively. For 4 or more discs, it would be cheaper to buy and mail the 1TB USB HDD.
  • To mail 5, 10 or 15 BD-R’s would cost €3.70, €7.40 and €11.10 (plus postage), respectively.

Give it a few years and I’m sure most people will have fast enough broadband to quickly send 128+GB with a service like WeTransfer.


Remember the -R mean write once and if you delete that space that is wasted. I rather take a 8tb HDD for storage and archive first. The BD unless a movie is 128gb I doubt is much use to me.