Sony and TDK Blank DVD Discs

I am a beginner to the world of DVD recording and DVD blank media. I just purchased a Panasonic Progressive Scan DVD Recorder to replace my VCR. Earlier today, I was at my local grocery store and way in the back in the clearance area they had some blank DVD discs for sale. They had several brands such as Memorex, Maxell, Verbatim, TDK and Sony. The TDK and Sony caught my eye. They had a 100 pack of blue packaging TDK DVD+R made in Taiwan code DVD+R47FCB100TP for $13. They also had a 50 pack of brownish/yellow packaging Sony DVD-R Made in Japan code 50DMR47LS4 for $7. They also had the same Sony pack with an ending code number of 3 I believe that was made in Taiwan. The same color packaging Sony DVD-R discs were also available in a 25 pack for $4 but they were either made in Taiwan or China. I think it was 25DMR47LS3. These all seem like really cheap prices but it still would be bad to pay for junk. I was curious what you all think of the aforementioned DVD-r discs. How long does a package of 50 DVD-R discs last you all? Can I download Youtube video clips onto these discs and watch them on my television? Do you find recording on DVD discs to be a lot better/easier than using a VCR with VHS tapes? Thanks.

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I’d snap up those Made in Japan Sonys (the 50 pack) :slight_smile:

About the discs: The Sony Made in Japan, if they are indeed made in japan, get them immediately. They should be really good discs, especially for such a low price.