Sony and Panasonic keep optical storage alive – develop new format

We’ve just posted the following news: Sony and Panasonic keep optical storage alive – develop new format[newsimage][/newsimage]

Sony and Panasonic today announced an agreement to develop a next generation optical disc standard together.

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The formatting of some of these news/review announcements don’t look good in Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 22; the text flows across the image on the right and makes the text very hard to read.

I can hardly wait to start counting off the number of “Who needs to store 300Gb of data?” comments.

And a 2015 delivery date? Which means 2016, but that’s about when I expected. I wonder if CASABLANCA and the White Album will need to be repurchased? With 300Gb, they should be able to re-do CASABLANCA entirely, put in some of the other BLADE RUNNER endings AND have John wander thru RICK’s: “Nine? Number Nine? Number Nine?”

Actually 12 times more than a SL BD-R.

What again!, I know things must progress, but it’s always too soon. I’m sure it would be better to wait until virtually everyone was using Blu-ray first and it was squeezes to it’s limit.

I’m using Firefox and everything displays perfectly.
Try Control and using the scroll wheel if you have one to adjust the size, this usually does the trick if I’ve left it in an enlarged state from a previous web page.

I’m using Firefox and everything displays perfectly.[/QUOTE]Something was done to the size of the picture and it now also looks good in my browsers.

Awesome. I was looking forward to trashing my entire blu ray collection in favor of the NEXT BIG THING ! :slight_smile:
Bring it on. My iPad’s display resolution is already higher than 1080p !

[QUOTE=aiolos;2694700]Actually 12 times more than a SL BD-R.[/QUOTE]

2007: BD 23GB vs SSD 4GB

2017: post-BD 300GB vs SSD 40,000GB

Offf … I thought that my units collection ends soon …
CDFreaks just don’t have any peace days … :slight_smile:

What Sony and Philips don’t mention is that, the new standard will have a ridiculously over-the-top anti-piracy tactic forced upon the customers. By 2015, they will probably have bribed the governments of several countries into legalizing the execution of all pirates (without proof, of course!).

PS: if you’re looking at the page on, all looks well. However, the forums ( are a different story…

IF the movie studios and movie-sellers can connect “Sony-Philips licensing fees and anti-piracy” with the collapse of the disk-sales market, then this Quick Appearance Of A New Standard might be great news.

Because Sony-Philips bought those studios’ exclusivity into BluRay with the promise that this would make them kajillions that DVD Sales never could. And no one sees BluRay sales ever coming close to the peak years of DVD sales volume.

Maybe just maybe this will mean that all the kickbacks from Sony-Philips cannot sell consumers down the river into some single-entity proprietary format like BluRay again. Maybe we’ll see viable alternatives (HD2!) that are developed by a coalition like HD was, and maybe the Consumers will have a chance to display an economic preference rather than being stuck with the only option left standing.

The 2015 date suggests that both companies have the technology to do this aleady, but the patents and standardisation side just needs to be sorted before churning these things out.

Exciting, but this won’t be aimed at us, so the prices will be nice and high for some time, I bet.