Sony and Panasonic jointly work on next generation optical disc standard

We’ve just posted the following news: Sony and Panasonic jointly work on next generation optical disc standard[newsimage][/newsimage]

Sony and Panasonic today announced the Archival Disc standard, which should become a standard for next generation, professional optical discs for long-term data storage.

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What kind of DRM do these discs use? Are you required to install this DRM to read from/write to these disks? Will the autorun feature install these rootkits for you?

It’s too bad Sony become the A-holes they are. I do hope Panasonic will slap some sense into them, as there’s no way I will buy these discs if I have to loose root/admin privileges to my own PC to use them.

Somehow I’m willing to bet these disks will come out right around the time Microsoft/Intel convinces congress to stop allowing the sale of Computers that don’t comply to Treacherous Computing standards.

Unless the discs are used for some consumer electronic purpose, which doesn’t seem planned, there is no reason why they’d put DRM or the like on them.

I look forward to the recordable versions, provided they have decent writing speeds.