Sony and other companies are forceing Piracy by Copy Protection schemes on dvds

I know that there are software programs that will crack the copy protection and will convert DVD’s to Single layer discs. Dual Layer DVD disc are still a bit steep. If the Companies would let the consumer copy the discs with the copy protection still enabled that would be a difference maker or replace the disc if it becomes damaged beyond being resurfaced. I have a copy of Stephen Kings the Stand (out of print) and I refuse to play the main discs due to this reason and that it is around 50-100 dollars on I believe that if these disc that are printed with copy protecton be SCRATCH AND WARP (bends of the layers making inoperable).

I know that this is violating the DCMA Act of 2000, but the consumer can still make one of copy on Disc and one Hard copy (on Hard drive or other media that is somewhat reliable).

DVD’s like Saw 3 and Stranger than fiction are some of the discs that are exceptionally difficult for the lay person to copy the Discs with from what I read with 99 VTSs problems.

As for say with the copyrights, If I go to the Library and print off digital material from a compter and use it for research am I breaking the law of DCMA. What is the difference? You have to have a login and password to access the documents. Just like a Video Rental Store, Paying your money for Renting the Disc and making a Copy of the disc for future use should be allowed. You pay your fee at the Library for digital material and use it for whatever, just like a library at a video store.

Don’t Blame the Americans that do not have a right to have their own single personal copy. Studies show that Canada offers 50% of the worlds Piracy of movies and Music due to they pay Royalties to watch the movies. I have personal witnessed a person Video taping a Movie inside a Theater in Canada with the Audio Jacks from the Seat WHICH is Legal in Canada due to the Royalties Canada Pays. This is real Piracy but the person did pay to watch the movie.

Another note, It is illegal in the US to have a Exteral Terrestrial HDTV turner in their HTPC and Download the HDTV feeds in Transport Streams (.TS) with full 1080p. It this illegal. Is It Illegal to have a HD TV DVR from the cable company and take the movies off the Hard Drive and convert them to TS streams to watch on a computer. I know that there are converions of x264 for HD movies among bit torrent sites with HD.

The Big Problem is that there is no problem with the above paragragh is that to this date that there is NO .EVO (HD DVD, I do not know the Blu-ray and the Xbox 360 External Drive is the Cheapest I know with a good quality HD drive) file conversion program to convert HD DVDs to TS streams that I know of at time of this thread and I have not fully researched for a program since I tried 3 weeks ago. I know that a Person can fully rip the movie but is not able to Burn it unless on Dual layer and there is no compression Program for this file format.

I also know that a super fast and super graphical computer have to be utilzed to watch the High Definitions either Blu Ray or HD DVD. I believe that an HDCP Chip should be on the Add-in Card or part of the Ageia Physix card so that a person can watch their movies on their HTPC with a non compliant card or Video Driver.




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either way, you’re entitled to your opinion, and many people have strong opinions regarding what companies are doing to consumer products. welcome to the forum, and we’ll be glad to have you stick around. Just be aware that piracy is not condoned on this forum. fair use, however, is fully supported.

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I agree with a lot of what you said, but really wonder if even discussing it does any good. If you buy software (most software anyway), you are paying for a license to use the product. If your disk becomes damaged, you can get a replacement for free or for a small fee (with most anyway). You have already paid for the license to use it. that sounds like fair use to me. there may be additional rules about making copies, or having the content on multiple locations.

With media, you can only use the original (as far as their wishes are anyway). There is no fair use. you can use the original. If the original gets damaged (and it doesn’t take much to damage an optical disk), buy another original at full price. you didn’t pay for license to use the product, you just paid for use of the original. Many of the larger media companies don’t seem to car about fair use, or keeping up with technology. the more times they can get you to pay for the same content, the better, as money is all that matters. They have already shown that the consumer is the enemy, other businesses are the enemy, everyone is the enemy, and getting all your money means winning the war for them. In the case of music, even the artists are the enemy. Extortion is an acceptable means to get more money. fraud is an acceptable way, even making you pay again for a defective product seems an acceptable way.

they are quite aware of what is fair. they are quite aware of what is legal (and they have army’s of layers and lobbyists to make sure, there way is legal, and legal or not, its still their way). In the US, copy right infringement is an issue for homeland security (and they were formed specifically to protect the nation from terrorist threats). So now we are terrorists…

They know what is right and fair, they just don’t care.
the only thing that will stop them is law (unlikely as they have the money, unless we organize, also unlikely but who knows), or us, the consumers. We still pay their paychecks. the money they have to wreak havoc comes from us. Unfortunately, if you are a law abiding citizen that purchases your media, then you are giving them the money to do it. how messed up is that?

Don’t worry, they’ll all be out of business soon enough anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

The real classic is when they start forcing their rediculous protections out to the computer hardware & software world.

Vista: Can play pirate HD/SD avi’s & DVD backups … can’t play originals without a “secure digital path” meaning hardware and software implementing their stupid copy protection schemes. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
Law abiding citizen = Instant pirate, just to play the movie they paid for.

Don’t support suppression schemes limitting your rights. Use P2P :wink: