Sony and NEC to form an ODD joint venture company

I just posted the article Sony and NEC to form an ODD joint venture company.

and NEC have today announced that they plan to establish an ODD
(Optical Disc
Drive) joint venture company. This is a quite
surprising announcement as Sony is one of the main…

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NEC has been my choice for DVD writers. However, with Sony’s rootkit (and other DRM) fiasco of recent past, I’ve made up my mind to not purchase that company’s products for the foreseeable future. Now I’ll have to find another DVD witer maker to receive my business in the future.

This looks like bad news for NEC. I think they may end up being swallowed up by Sony, and as controller said, I will not buy anything from Sony.

I read something yesterday in a couple of places that Sony cybershot cameras were placing DRM. Not sure if it is true. I tend to think not, but given the recent couple of weeks news who knows. Wish I would have kept the links. Made interesting reading.

Looks like NEC just made a deal with the devil.

Sony isn’t putting any nasty DRM data on your still or video camera. Well not the kind you need to worry about (maybe). The DRM you need to worry about is the kind that restricts your ability to use your own data/files legally. If Sony had nasty DRM on your video or stills, then you wouldn’t be able to copy them to your PC or burn a DVD. But then if it’s up to Sony, you’d only be able to print Sony pictures on Sony printers, and only be able to burn your Sony video to Sony DVD burners and they’ll only play on Sony DVD players. Don’t think I’m joking either. Although I’ll bet the shirt off my back that Sony encodes your camera’s serial number into your video file and still pictures. In fact expect almost every still & video camera on the market to do that. And obvously companies can track serial numbers to a specific store, and if you paid with a credit card, then both the store and your credit company can prove you bought a camera there (but not which specific camera… until they RFID in the package). Yes, it’s time to put on your tin foil hats people, this is reality. Printers have already been doing it in print outs for a couple years now.
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sony also wants to implement drm on video/still cams to track down & to prevent cam recorded movies from floating have you read sony’s eula? it states that sony has a right to make a back door & do whatever when they think we are breaking their license simply say NO to sony

“Sony’s expertise in optical pickups”…my, my, my…they must have meant “exerties in making lousy pickups” anyone owning ps2 or sony dvd player would know that sony does not use good pickups. sony does not know the meaning of support, so i guess it will be downhill for nec drives

“Looks like NEC just made a deal with the devil.” Exactly my thoughts. :frowning:

Hmm, when, browsing at the local cd/dvd seller, I noticed in very small fine print “Copy Protected”(if it was any smaller, you would need a magnifying glass to read) on a new released DVD “Bewitched” from Sony. Later when browsing Mark Russinovich’s blog, there was a note from a sony laptop user, that after playing this particular dvd, his laptop don’t work so good no more in playing dvd’s! Well, it looks like SONY wants to put NEC’s reputation into sewer!, with this partnership, given their past and current predatory illegal and unethical business practices. OH well, all I say is boycott all SONY products! I will stick with the cheaper more reliable Korean and chinese sourced products and aviod SONY like the plague that it is!

RFID Blockers are going to be a hot item not to far away. This track thing is just going to far. Passports, Money, Colthes, etc. Thank lord for the Microwave oven and 2 seconds.

Be serious. NEC didn’t have much choice. LG and Samsung have half of the world’s ODD market. The rest are divided among Taiwanese and Japanese makers. Sony plus NEC just have 2 billion USD yearly share which isn’t much for such giants. Look at what NEC’s president said: “becoming the top vendor in this sector.” Both Sony and NEC thought only working with another major Japanese player could work. Their biggest competitors are naturally HLDS and TSST.

Well, this is going to cost them what market share they have. Once this takes effect, I will quit buying NEC products. Guess that leaves BENQ and maybe Pioneer. NEC should seriously reconsider before they commit suicide.

Exactly, those “wonderfull” $ony PS2 pickups cost a fortune and last a year or less and they suggest using the PS2 for DVD playback even from DVD-+RW. They must be kidding. Sure I won’t spend a penny on $ony or NEC stuffs anymore. Why can Toshiba and Pioneer give 3-5 years warranty on their standalones while $ony costs MORE and offer one year warranty only… Of course their support plus service is also a nightmare, I wish that not that many of you should learn these “superb” services that $ony offer.:stuck_out_tongue:

Why do you think everyone else in the whole world will follow you?

Oh shit. There goes a nice NEC burner. Bye Nec. :c

Hmm the story image has the Sony logo on top…wonder what this means. :d

Ummm… Sony supports Blu-Ray. NEC supports HD-DVD. What are they gonna do about that?

If Sony owns 55% of the venture and NEC 45%, won’t it be up to Sony then to decide whether to invest in Blueray or HD-DVD? Yes, they say they will only focus on cd and dvd, for now. But what about the future format? Could this be a strategic move of Sony to slow down HD-DVD?
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There is Toshiba as well. Toshiba has more to do with HD-DVD than NEC.