Sony and Maxell DVD+R media

Hello all,

I’m very interested in picking up my first DVD burner, namely the Plextor 708A. I’ve done a number of searches within the messageboards trying to find some information regarding SONY 4X DVD+R and MAXELL 4X DVD+R media…
do one or both of these discs burn successfully at 8X on the Plextor 708A drive???

I have found references to both of these medias at
but I’m not sure if they actually burn at 8X.


Sony DVD+R (RICOHJPN) made in taiwan burnt successfully @ 8X.
sorry but i have no idea about the maxell .

Don’t know about the Sony and the Maxell, but the TDK burns at 8x.
Goodluck with your Plex 708

Maxell (those made by maxell in Japan) will only work at 4X.

Sony (Ricohjpnr01, made in taiwan) will work at 8X.

I am burning my 5th Memorex 4X Ricoh JPNR01 on my Plex 708a as I reply to this, and they all burn at 4X. None have burned at 8X yet. Have used Firmware 1.00 and 1.02 with the same results. I am using Nero Nero says burn process started at 8X but since it takes over 14 min. that is a 4X burn. I have yet to see a 8X burn.

Well the burn just finished with a failure. It’s the same (Could not perform end of disc at once) failure message in Nero. Like I’ve said before so much for Nero This is the second time this has happened on these Memorex 4x disc’s. I could not recover the first one using DVDDecrypter so now I will try a different program called BatchDisc. Well something strange happened. It said it failed in Nero but the DVD worked just fine in PowerDVD without trying to close it and I could look at the files in Windows Explorer. Once I opened and closed the tray on the Plex 708a it no longer worked. I then used BatchDisc to finalize it and now it works in all my players. Hmmm.

The only +R discs I’ve purchased so far are Verbatim Datalife Plus, and (made in Taiwan) Maxell discs and they both were RICOHJPN and can be burned at 8x.


TDK+R burns perfect in all speeds! It’s the only media i found with no problems.
TDK-R i have not tried. But i tried -RW: PERFECT!

Maxell DVD-R (1x, old type, exists also x2-x4) burned ok but has some problems reading the last chapters…