Sony and Lite-On



I have an old Sony DRX-530UL (External version of 530A). I read from the posts that this particular model of drive is not Lite-On derivativ. After 18 months, it started to give me bad burns e.g. 1 in every 3 burnt recently. The burn itself all successfull except when verified with NERO after each burn, there are some sectors unreadable.

  1. are this sign of bad drives? or just something can be solved by EEPROM/Firmware flashing?

Now, I’ve used CDRW/DVDRW for ages but wouldn’t say I’m knowledgable as most of the people here. I decided to buy another Sony the newest 800UL, which is Lite-on 1693s (according to forum).

  1. If this is expensive, is there any other Lite-On 1693 that I can buy or does lite-on sell directly?



Your better getting a LiteON 1693 as they are much cheaper than the 1693s with Sony name on them. As for your drive problem you could try flashing to a newer firmware see if this solves problems with your burns. You could also try using different media. What media are you using anyway?


TDK. I have always used TDK but one particular spindle giving me trouble (Power Calibrarion Error0, Always refused to burn. Other spindle is alright, but giving me silent error - successful burn but failed in verification.

I flashed to latest official available for 510, is there ay crossflash or unofficial firmware for this one?

Oh one more, are there external version from liteon? I’m using notebook.


You would certainly benefit from a newer burner as Liteon has improved the quality of their burns considerably. Here is an external 1693 at a fair price from one of the best dealers on the web.

If you are handy you can build your own with these two pieces.


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OK, I checked the site you gave me, it’s differs by US$20-25 between LiteOn external and Sony 800UL and in addition they gave me 10 jewel-case 16x Sony Media. So i think, the price is alright…

Not really many vendor selling lite-on in Singapore… mostly Sony. TDK was very agressive but they have been very quiet nowadays.