Sony and copy-protections...ooops

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Oh dear. Have you ever heard that a huge company like Sony Computer Entertainment has been shipping out non-working games?
Did you…

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So if I get this right: a cracked/backed-up copy of the game works better than the original one? Great

Yeah thats funny !!!
When you can’t make backups you can’t play the game !!!
hahahahaha !!!
Sony is stupid !!!

Rumors say that the PS2 to be released for the European market won’t even be capable of playing original games.

Rumors say that the PS2 for the European market won’t be capable to play original games. You’ll have to backup everything !

When I play Trickstyle (ISO) it chrashes on play . When I play the CRACKED version (Great game by the way) it runs perfectly … Who says the crackers do no good ???
Anyway greetz 2 y’all …

Same thing happened in my
Turok2 under Win2000. The
program failed to detect the
subchannel data. Only cracked
turok.exe can run perfectly.