Sony aims for 50% Blu-ray market share by year end

I just posted the article Sony aims for 50% Blu-ray market share by year end.

The Blu-ray disc format has so far reached a 20% market share, with DVD accounting for the remaining 80% according to this DigiTimes Systems report. With the recent growth in Blu-ray disc sales…

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20%? Yeah, I don’t think so. And you’ll have to pry my DVDs “from my cold, dead hands” !!! Thanks for the memories, Chuck. :slight_smile:
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20% Market share? They wish! It is probably more like 2%. I highly doubt that Bluray has penetrated the market that much and I would love to see where this guy got those figures.

Not that it matters but the 50% market share by year end is also a sweet dream of $ony only… :B Of course these figures can be taken from anywhere, reality and these figures usually do not match… :r Oops, I was expecting this post from Tim anyway… :+ j/k

Does the market share concern blu-ray players (i.e. at the end of 2008, half of the sales will be blu-ray players, and the other half dvd players), or the sale of movies (i.e. at the end of 2008 half of the movies will be sold on blu-ray, the other half on dvd)? This makes a huge difference.

I bought “Shaun of the Dead” on DVD a few months back for $5. I wonder how much the Blu-ray version will be? Last week I bought all 10 Star Trek movies (2-disc Director/Collector editions) at Wal-Mart for $5 each. I wonder how much the Blu-ray versions will be? I’m guessing it will be NOWHERE near $5. Your money is best spent on a kick-ass upsampling DVD player. $ony is the devil, folks. Wake up and smell the brimstone.
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The 20% market share concerns BD movie sales.

Confusing article. The 20% is among Sony only products, not the overall optical disc and player market, isnt?

@ PPeter Without consumer confusion $ony would wither up and die. It’s like water and the sun to a plant. If people get wind of $ony’s BS then they won’t want to buy into their crap, now new-and-improved with 40% more DRM (yum). :frowning: