Sony adds rewritable DVD player to PS2 in Japan - both minus and plus

I just posted the article Sony adds rewritable DVD player to PS2 in Japan - both minus and plus.

According to Forbes, Sony will start shipping Playstation 2 devices that will
be able to also read DVD recordable discs. According to the article the current
Playstation 2 is only able to…

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My friend’s (unmodded) PS2 has no problems whatsoever playing DVD+R (DVD video back-up) discs… ? Or are we talking about game back-ups here?

may play them, but the PS2 laser in pretty poor at the moment, liable to get knakered sooner rather than later playing dvd-+rs :d

Rewritable generally means +/-RW support, which is different from +/-R support. RW support would be quite handy, as these could be erased at a later periord for something else.

But the PS2 currently does play ±R & RW so this really is an exercise in money making and exploiting the ppl who don’t know better

You guys aren’t understanding the article… The PS2 Japan won’t just be able to read -/+RW but also WRITE to them. “The existing PlayStation 2 with a read-only DVD player will be phased out in the Japanese market…” key words there are “read only.”

I rather think that you didn’t get the article. There is not one word about Writin. Whatever :smiley: ViRuZ