Sony adds DRM to upcoming PlayTV PS3 add-on



I just posted the article Sony adds DRM to upcoming PlayTV PS3 add-on.

Back in February when Sony unveiled its upcoming digital TV receiver PlayTV, Sony that the recordings would be made in its raw digital format without copy protection. For example, recordings…

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Like my granny said " A tiger can’t change it’s stripes". And here’s my unchanging stripes… “UP YOURS SONY SCUM”

Just say no to sony and flu er bluray…


This is truly sad! Why shouldn’t I be able to watch a TV program on my iPod on the way to work which I didn’t get time to view the night before! Man, I was all geared up to purchase a PlayTV :sad:


DRM is a deal breaker. Sony’s reptile brain reflexes (“everyone is trying to steal our stuff, so we can use any means to stop them”) are spoiling the whole new HD technology experience for me. I spend a great deal of money on both software and hardware, and still feel treated both as a criminal and a child. Not to mention all the technical problems and limitations caused by DRM and HDCP. No PlayTV for me then.


Why do people find it so hard to get into their heads that, generally, it’s the content providers that demand DRM?

Let’s think of 2 examples.
Channel 4
Channel 5


Depends on your definition of content provider. Cable providers are forced to use DRM and other restricting measures (like prohibiting website access from abroad) by TV networks or channels, who in turn take their orders from the content providers or producers. Do you really think Sony is forced to implement DRM by others? If you give an example, try to understand that not everyone lives in your country.


“Sony adds DRM to upcoming PlayTV PS3 add-on”

Boy, I didn’t see that one coming! /sarcasm


Too Bad So Sad, I don’t believe anyone will buy it. And I’m Pro PS3 guy. So, unless they change back, Play TV will be a failure.


:doh: “Another one bites the dust. And another one gone and another one gone. Another one bites the dust, heh!!” :clap:


DRM or not DRM…
I Like the PlayTV and the PS3 all in One Devices But
the possible future evolution of the DRM…

You can’t skip the Sponsor, You Must Watch in a timeline
period like 24 / 48 h after you lost the video !

And More and more…thing !


It’s hard to see the rationale here - okay we all know the anti-piracy argument - but I’ve had a Sony HD DVD recorder for a number of years now, I record to the HD, transfer onto RW DVD if I want to keep the recording, and stick that on my Mac and transfer it into ipod format. Now if existing Sony technology will let you transfer recordings like that, surely it’s a bit churlish to start making sure you can’t copy the content on new technology?


Content is a balancing act, with regard to ‘piracy’. I believe that a good product will be bought by most people, at the right price. There are those that will never pay for it, in which case the content providers have lost NOTHING. Let’s use TV shows as an example, then, and try to agree that a good TV show, in divx format, will spread across the net quite quickly… this WORKS for the people who make the show… it’s a sort of Viral marketing tool in some ways. The producers of the new Battlestar Galactica would agree that bittorrent helped to get their new show into the homes of the globe without too much effort from them… a very successful show. You have many many more people buying the box sets as a result. DRM has never, and will never work. You see stories all over the place of a company dropping DRM from their mp3 catalogue… people buy the tracks because they have the freedom to play it in every device they own. Easy. The suits out there making idiotic decisions for Sony should wake up and smell the coffee - DRM is dead, get over it and concentrate on making GOOD CONTENT.


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