Sony AD7240SGB vs Liteon IHAS324

Hi guys!

I need to urgently decide on a new drive in the next few hours as I am going to be picking it up tomorrow.

I will be using it mainly for archiving DVDs and also some audio CDs. I will also burn occasional audio CDs and DVDs of Linux ISOs etc. It must be a SATA drive.

I’ve mentioned the Sony(Optiarc?) drive and the Liteon drive. I’ve read reviews which praise both almost equally.

Don’t laugh but I would rather the Sony because of its totally plain face (the Liteon has ugly white writing on it). Is there anything else that could sway my preference?

Finally, are there any drives around that are better than these (consumer drives) that I’ve missed?


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Just get the Sony. It’s your best and simplest choice. Most of the Lite-On drives these days are just Sonys that have been rebadged anyway.

The only other good choice would be the new Samsung SH-S243D.

For all interested I got the Sony(Optiarc) drive. Thanks.