SONY AD7240S-OB or Lite-On iHAS124

I plan a buy a DVD burner next week after scouting around with local retailers the only two drives available around are

SONY AD7240S-OB AND HP1260i(which I presume is a Lite-On iHAS124)
both are 24X drives

Now after digging up our forum a lot I still havent exactly figured out which Drive to buy…
SONY has a NEC chipset while the liteon has a Mediatec chipset…

please advise which one to go for…

It really depends on what you want to do with it. Both drive are very good burners (the Sony perhaps better at burning DL media).

But if you want a drive that is also a very good scanner (quality scanning with jitter), then the LiteOn is your best bet.

The LiteOn also has user settable bitsetting and RPC1. It will also learn and burn media that was not even around when the firmware was written. You also get smarterase in the 324 and 424 models.