Sony AD7200SOBS1 to a Optiarc Firmware?

Here in AU we don’t get Optiarc, so can a Sony AD7200SOBS1 be cross flashed to a Optiarc Firmware. REALLY don’t want anything called Sony in my PC. :stuck_out_tongue:



How does the drive show in Windows [or whatever OS you may be using]? It may already show as an Optiarc.

[QUOTE=Albert;2175492]How does the drive show in Windows [or whatever OS you may be using]? It may already show as an Optiarc.[/QUOTE]

Haven’t bought it yet, would like to know b4 I part with the money :confused:

Yes, you can crossflash drives. How it’s been done, I’m not exactly sure. But others have taken retail drives that showed up as Sony and used the normal Optiarc firmware with no ill effects. :slight_smile:

We can also always hope that you don’t even have to bother with crossflashing and it will come as an Optiarc. :iagree:

My retail Sony drives which are based on the Optiarc AD-7200A burn better and are quieter than my Optiarc branded drive. I’ll take a Sony any day.

Also, you realize that Sony now fully owns the Optiarc company, so Sony and Optiarc are now the same. NEC sold it’s stake in the company, although they will continue to partner with Sony to make drives.

I have not heard about NEC selling out, but it’s still NEC drives for now with the 7200, so I’ll stick to that. As for other Sony products, pffft…

I bought my Sony from MSY Ultimo [Sydney] for AUD 27. Its product code is AD7200A0BK, and shows up in Windows as an Optiarc AD-7200S.

Thanks for that alexanderino, unfortunately I’m in North QLD, so MSY is to far away :wink:

Yikes. Good luck with getting that drive in.

BTW, my previous post has a typo: the correct code is AD7200S0BK [it’s a SATA drive].

Finally got one ordered, is indeed Optiarc, just flashed it to Liggy’s 1.09 Bit / RPC1, works very well. Hard to believe how cheap these drives have become!