Sony AD-7593A



Hi I live in the USA and I am looking to buy the Sony AD-7593A Labelflash Slim internal Laptop DVD-RW Burner.
Does any one know some one that can ship it to the USA.
I found it on the site here
but the site cant get it and the site cant/wont ship it to any address outside Germany.
So I wanted to know if any one can ether tell me some one that can get it to the USA or some one that lives in Germany that would be willing to have it shipped to their German address than ship it to my home in the USA. If I were willing to Compensate them for their time and postage cost.
Right now I want this burner because as far as I know of its the only burner as of now that has 8X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 6X DVD-R DL 24X CD-R 24X CD-RW and Labelflash in internal Slim Laptop Form factor.
Now I know the Speeds I want are both Possible and realistic as Right now I have the Samsung SN-S082H and it has all those speeds but no Labelflash.
So Right now I am currently only considering drives that have all of those things no desktop or USB drives or any other drives that don’t meet these minimum requrerments 1st 6X DVD-R DL
2nd 24X CD-RW
3rd 6X DVD-RW
4th has Labelflash Enabled
5th internal E-IDE/ATAPI NOT SATA Form factor
Than if Possible 8X DVD-R and 24X CD-R
But things 1-5 are the must haves for me that I wont spend any real money on any drives that do not have them.
and that is why I want the Sony AD-7593A as I have Been unable to find any other drives that have all of them.
I would be great full for any help any one can give.