Sony AD-7240S question

Yesterday I got a sony ad-7240s that comes with firmware 1.60.
Is it identical to optiarc 7240s?
If it does, is it possible to flash to optiarc or Liggy/Dee firmware?

Any ideas, thanks

Yes, you can flash without problem.

But don’t forget to dump your old firmware before flashing a new one


Hi, 2601! Long time no see!


Hi, 2601! Long time no see![/QUOTE]

I’m still here but seldom visit HKEPC.:slight_smile:

that goods news i can find this post
i want to know

what is 1.6 Firmware ? is it a OEM firmwarE?

Can i flash RPC1.ORG or Liggy&Dee 1.04 RPC1 Firmware?


1.60 should be the firmware from Sony retail drives I think.
If Binflash allows you to flash, you should be safe :wink:

Hello Liggy

yes, in RPC1 org there is a admin told me to do backup by my 1.61 (use BinFlash) and ask Liggy for firmware.

now i finished to make a DUMP from my 1.61 Original to Harddisk

so i can flash any version of firmware (include Modify RPC1)???

such as 1.04