Sony Accucore Alternatives?

I have been asked about alternative discs for a sony camcorder that records direct to DVD mini’s.

They currently use Sony Accucore mini-DVD discs, but they cost an absolute fortune and looking for an alternative. Obviously sony don’t reocmmend any alternative or compatible discs

can anyone advise on the dye they use so I could possibly replicate the same quality on other cheaper discs. We tried Bulkpaq ones and they are ok but not great, we did no research on those at all. I’ve always been a fan of ritek g05 dye’s but I guess things are different in mini-dvd world?

any help appreciated,

Try some Verbatim 8 cm DVD-R/W, they work well too and are not expensive (at least not as expensive as Sony 8 cm media here)…

Avoid RITEK G05. They have really bad stability issues.
Please check your RITEK G05 for degradation. It may be that some in your collection already turned unreadable. Backup the rest (while readable) to good media (I recommend Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim). :slight_smile:

Thanks for that.

No worries on the Ritek front, I never backup to DVD permenantly.

One question,

The camcorder says it can RW in +R only, so I was going to order
100 Verbatim 8cm 4x DVD-R
10 Verbatim 8cm 4x DVD+RW

Does that look ok?