Sony Accucore 1-16x DVD-R/+R



Staples is selling Sony Accucore 1-16x DVD-R/+R for $14.99 a spindle this week (04/02/06 California, not sure if nationwide). My local stores are carrying all MIJ spindles, but I’ve heard conflicting reports of the disks sporting SONY IDs and TY IDs. I know for the 8x spindles, the key is to getting the ones with the octagonal spacers, and was wondering if this was the same with these 16x disks. I hate taking crap shoots.

Obviously I want the TY ones :stuck_out_tongue:

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can chime in about this topic!


Well I was at Best Buy last week and was digging through all the MIT 16x media + and - and found some 16x - with octagon spacers that was MIJ anf it was in fact TYGO3.


Here’s the deal: any spindle of Sony media with a white octogonal spacer is Taiyo Yuden. :slight_smile:

If the spacer is not octogonal, it’s either made by Sony in Japan, or made for Sony by Daxon in Taiwan, depending on the country of origin.


Do 100-piece spindles of Taiyo Yuden discs exist? BB has those on sale this week…


alright i’ll go to staples tomorrow and dig out octagonal spacers. didn’t see any today, but i didn’t dig really.


Of course.


Though they tend to be shrink wrapped and not spindled, well the ones I have seen sold in hundreds are anyway.


I don’t think it really matters whether you get TY or not. If it’s made in Japan, either the Sony or TY MID will be very good media. So far in the USA, it seems that +R 16x MIJ is Sony D21, and 16x -R MIJ is TY. Either is excellent media.


In addition to that, Sony’s own 16x DVD-R discs (MID: SONY16D1) are excellent as well, as can be seen in the following thread: click.


I have d21s made in tawain that burn as well as any TYs. :wink:


That is very true but you can only find those in 10 packs in Jewel cases and they are 3 times the price of store bought Taiyo Yudens.


Over here in Europe (Germany), both Sony 16x DVD-R (MID: SONY16D1) and 16x DVD+R (MID: SONY D21) are widely available in spindles up to 100 discs, and normally a bit cheaper than their Taiyo Yuden counterparts.

Quite a big share of those discs sold here in Europe are made in Austria though. The quality is usually excellent.


Did I read somewhere that the Sony Daxon factory in Austria was to be closed, or did I dream that?


You’re probably thinking about TDK closing its Luxembourg plant. I don’t think the Sony factory in Austria has anything to do with Daxon though.



Manufacturer ID: TYG03

I picked up 3 spindles of these for 15 bucks each - 10 internet floating coupon. So 35 + tax for 150 TY dvd-r media. Awesome. So to confirm, the 16 x spindles with octagon foam packing disks are TY!


As Two Degrees said already, you’ve probably mistaken Sony for TDK.

More about Sony DACD, Headquarters in Salzburg / Austria, with production facilities nearby, at the official website:


I am still comfused over this whole mess. I am always up for new media :slight_smile:

So what should I get either the octigonal -R and +R made in Japan or what?


Yes, they are both great media, if you can get the Octogon shaped spacer and the MIJ on the label you will be good to go either + or dash.


Actually, the jewel case version tends to be MIJ, not taiwan. And those have Sony MIDs.


Actually I bought Sony Accucore “Sony D11” IN 10 PACK Jewel Cases and the were MIT .