Sony 8X +R vs. Taiyo Yuden 8X +R



How does Sony media stack up against TY media? Is it comparable or is the Taiyo Yuden noticeably better?

Reason i ask is because both 8X media is going to be on sale this week and i think i’m going to stock up :slight_smile:



Also, would you suggest the Sony +R(SONYD11) or -R(SONY08D1) media?



I’ve found the Made-in-Japan Sony 8x DVD-R (SONY08D1) to be equally as good as TYG02. I haven’t tried the Taiwan Sony 8x DVD+R media (SONYD11), but from what I’ve seen it isn’t as good as YUDEN000T02. Then again T02 hasn’t seemed so godly of late.


Thanks for your input. I’ve been searching through threads here for about the past 2 hrs and all the scans i’ve seen of SONYD11 media have been pretty darn good.

Either way, if its on sale, it can’t hurt to try it out :slight_smile:


I think the only way to get the SONYD11 is the 25-packs of Sony 8x DVD+R. The 50 packs are YUDEN000T02 from what I’ve gathered.


Oh, alright…thanks for the headsup. Well, i just saw that the Best Buy ad showed the Sony 4X media, so we’ll see if they honor the sale price for the 8X…worth a try anyway.


I have found SONY08D1 to work well in my NEC 3500, as good as TY but faster - full disc burned in ~5.40 mins with official 2.18 firmware.


Does anyone know which ones are in the Sony 8x -R 100 pack? They’re on sale this week (along with the +R) for $40 at CompUSA.