SONY 8x DVD+R MIJ - 25pk spindle , BestBuy , can anyone confirm the MID?

I was just wondering if anyone has purchased the Sony 8x dvd+r 25pk spindle - MIJ , and would able to tell me the MID. I had heard that some are Sony08D1.

Thanks in advance.

as far as i know the -Rs will have a SONY MID, the +Rs should be YUDEN000T02.

a pack of 16x mij sony +R was recently found to have the SONY MID though, but I’ve never seen any reports of this for the 8x speed.

Yes the 8X +R MIJ is YUDEN T02. 8X +R MIT is SONY D11, and 8X -R MIJ or MIT will have SONY08D1.

cool ! thank you. :wink:

i wasn’t sure off hand.

Checked my local BB today and ALL of the 25pk were MIT :sad: do not know the MID, but make sure it says Fabrique au Japon on the label this is the only way you will will know if it is Yuden (8x only)

if MIJ 8X +R, they are TY, and 16X are Sony own media, still MIJ. For -R 8X are Sony own media, and I do not know about the 16X -R MIJ. Hope that helps

FWIW, I went to Circuit City with my Best Buy ad in hand and visions of 110% match dancing in my head. Only to find MIT Sony 25 packs at CC - marked at $12.99 at CC so the 110% wouldn’t have been but about 50 cents anyway.

All my local bb 25 pack sony +r are MIT as well.

I’m thinking I might have got a little lucky. I had to sort through the spindles ( and there were alot), but I actually found 5 of them that were MIJ. Thanks again for the heads up on the MID

Stopped by 3 different BB’s this week Auburn Hills MI. had 0 MIJ,Rochester Hills Mi. had 4, way in the back I bought all 4 and Sterling Hts. had 1 now they have 0 :bigsmile: do not know why they have changed to MIT but all of the 50 packs were MIJ