Sony 8x DVD-R media made in Japan, by whom?



I was checking out one of my frequently visited Japanese DVD burning sites (one mainly focused on the PX-712A) and found the author’s comments on this media interesting. Apparantly up until now any Sony DVD-R media that was made in Japan was OEM Pioneer (2x and below) and Taiyo Yuden (4x), but now we have SONY08D1 MIJ which seems quite prevalent even here in the states. What most struck me was that he said he found it hard to believe that Sony would at this point go out of its way to open a manufacturing plant in Japan for the sole purpose of producing DVD-R discs. He reckons Sony is using another major Japanese media manufacturer to make its discs. I tend to agree. What do the rest of you CD Freaks think of this (in particular, I’d like to get koba’s opinion)?


As far as I know there are 5 Makers who produce DVD-R for General here in Japan.
These are Maxell, TDK, TY, Unifino and AMC(KIC). Also i do not remember reading about a DVD production plant by Sony here in Japan.
My guess would also be that they are using some Japanese maker to produce these discs.
Now AMC(KIC) only produces 4x DVD-R and no DVD+R (There is SONY 16x DVD+R Made in Japan with Media ID DVD+R:SONY-D21-000)
Unifino went bancrupt and is being rebuild by MINJISAISEIHOU 民事再生法. This means that Unifino is being rebuild with the help of others. But as far i know Sony is not involved and Unifino only makes up to 8X DVD±R discs.
TDK produces DVDs in Japan but i doubt their Prouduction output is big enough to supply Sony.
Maxell would be big enough to supply and so would be TY.
My Guess who is making these Discs is TY.
Reason: TYs discs are officially sold by Start Labs under the Thats Brand. But the bigest Custommer of StartLab is SONY and TYs overseas branches. Also StartLab is a joint venture with SONY. If you open the Top Page at you will notice that “Joint venture of Sony Corporation and Taiyo Yuden Co Ltd” is written at the top of the Page. Also Rumors about TY producing Discs for Sony with Sony ID have been around at 2Channel Forums.


My guess was TY as well. Thanks for the input.


Benq 8x DVD-R also uses SONY08D1. i thought it is made in taiwan?


There are Made in Japan and Made in Taiwan SONY DVD-R 8x with SONY08D1 ID.


This is quite confusing for me, Koba. You strongly guessed that Sony08D1 is made by TY. I thought TY plant is only in Japan. So there’s another TY plant in Taiwan? or maybe just a wrong paper cover, since I found TDK with mid T02 originally has a mark “Made in Taiwan” on the spindle paper and “covered” by Made in Japan sticker, here:


SONY08D1 made in Taiwan is made by Daxon.


Two Degrees, I bought (2)50 spindles of this media today at Bestbuy. Below is a Kprobe scan of an 8X Burn on my NEC 3500.
8X Burn, NEC 3500 w/Liggy’s 218 Firmware, Sony “SONY08D1” DVD-R (From Bestbuy)

And for comparison…
8X Burn, NEC 3500 w/Liggy’s 218 Firmware, Fuji TY 02 DVD+R (From Bestbuy)


@[H]itman, both media types should work good at 16X on your NEC 3500A. :wink:
They work very well at 16X on mine at least.


Sony did NOT just start producing 8x media. There were 4x Sony code discs sold through BenQ before this. But they, as well as I believe the 8x ones, are not made in Japan, but are made in Malaysia, where Sony does a lot of its manufacturing.


i got these fr Japan.
i dun know it is MIJ or not because there is no print saying MIJ


So what about the made in Japan Sony DVD+RWs then (MID: SONY-S11)?


raygay scan the back of the package and I can tell you where those were made.


@Wesociety, do the scans improve when burning this sony media at higher speeds? I think I’m going to run over to BestBuy this morning and exchange one of these unopened Sony spindles for Fuji DVD+R TY. I already have a ton of the TY, but I should be able to use it. What do you all think of these SONY08D1’s?


Most of my SONY08D1 discs have very good results and perfect playability.
Mine are BenQ branded.