Sony 830A problems

I’m using a Sony 830A (firmware SS15), Verbatim 16x DVD+R, Nero v66016 and it takes over 35 - 40 minutes to burn a disc at 16x. I tried at 8x and it took over 1 hour. Could this be a hardware and or software problem? I don’t know how to troubleshoot the birner. Any help would be appreciated.

DMA must be turned off. To check the same right click on my computer, go to hardware, device manager. there below IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers double click on primary channel and go to advanced settings tab. Check whether the Transfer Mode for your drive is set as “DMA if available”. If not do this and restart your computer. Similarly do it for the secondary channel. This should solve your problem.

Update your drive’s firmware after enabling DMA(if off)
By the way here is the new firmware for your DVD writer:

These are my settings for primary channel…

Device Type: Auto Detection
Transfer Mode: DMA If Available
Current Transfer Mode: Ultra DMA Mode 5

You say to turn off DMA, but others say turn it on. What is the difference? I know nothing about this setting. Thanks for the frimware update. Please let me know if my settings are correct, before I install the update.

ronello is saying that your problem seems to be that your DMA is turned off. It should be turned on.

That looks like your HDD setting (UDMA5)…the Sony should be in UDMA2 (at least my Samsung version of the same drive uses UDMA2).

Check your other IDE channel(s). :slight_smile:

Reptile is right, Current Transfer Mode for any drives attached should be UDMA.

Off topic:
@reptile has correctly interpreted what i have correctly. My mistake that i posted a sentence with 2 meanings. But the rest of the post makes it clear what i m trying to tell. I was sleepy when posting the above reply.:wink:

I did what you suggested and now everything is fine. Thanks to everyone for their input.

Arachne you are correct…

Primary IDE Channel = UDMA5 (HDD"S)

Secondary IDE Channel = UDMA4 (DVD)

I only found 2 IDE channels.

Wow, the Sony drive is UDMA4? Guess I learned something new today :smiley:

What about crossflashing? :bigsmile:


What does cross flashing do? Can it destroy my drive? Obviously, I know nothing about crossflashing. Would it be good to do?

The Sony DRU-830A is a rebadged Samsung SH-182D. So in your case crossflashing would be flashing your drive with the firmware of the Samsung SH-182D. If done carefully everything will be fine and better. But i am not sure whether crossflashing your drive with the Samsung firmware will add any feature to your drive. Crossflashing requires proper software to do it. you will find it all wither in the Samsung or this forum itself. But read more about it and then think of doing it coz any little mistake and your drive shall R.I.P. forever.