Sony 830A Overspeed?

Hi, i was just wondering if it was possible to change the max write speeds on different media with this drive. i know it was possible with some other sony burners like the 810A (rebadged BenQ 1640) and some other rebadged Lite-Ons iirc (i could be wrong about the Lite-Ons). from the review, it looks like this is a samsung 182. so, is there a utility i can use so that i can modify the firmware to adjust speeds? or perhaps flash to the samsung version to modify any firmware?..

thanks in advance for any helpful advice :slight_smile:

Currently the 830A and the Samsung firmware is not able to be patched but this could change in the very near future. :wink:

If this does become available will it allow for crossflashing between the drives?

That’s a very cryptic remark, I shall be watching closely :wink:

I bet you will :wink:

omg…good thing i didn’t give this away then :smiley:

yes but don’t hold your breath unless C0deKing knows more that i do.

Right, what do I know about this sort of thing. :stuck_out_tongue: All hail rolling56, knower of all things… :bigsmile:

No just some and that’s not much :wink: :bigsmile: Like George Thorogood say’s “Now you funny too”

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Was that a trick question? :wink:

update? :smiley:

mk_ln, you can now use ala42’s MCSE v1.1.0.1 to change 830A strategies and increase the burn speed. Just double click the media ID. :wink:

thanks for the reply :)…but it looks like it isn’t accepting the sony firmware. am i to flash it with a modified samsung 182d firmware?

thanks again :slight_smile:

I tried it with this firmware and it worked fine:

edit: oops, nvm, didn’t refresh b4 i posted :o . thanks so much for the prompt reply :slight_smile:

Also you can’t just increase the speed this day and age. You have to select a media ID with a strategy to burn at the faster speed you want. Like selecting T03 for T02, R03 for R02… :wink: Just double click the media ID when you have the firmware loaded.

oh, ic, i cant actually increase the burn speeds of a particular media code; instead i have to actually change write strategies right? thanks :slight_smile:

(i suppose that is what you meant in your post above and i had misunderstood :P)

edit: posted a bit too late lol

hm, doesn’t that mean that i loose the original? i.e. selecting T03 for T02 -> i then loose the write strategy for T03.

would that be correct?

thanks so much :slight_smile:

Unfortunately yes. Ala42 has made some of the firmwares non destructive but this is a lot of extra working and at this stage not available yet for Samsung/Sony firmware.