Sony 810A to Benq 1640?

Hi guys , tomorrow I will get a Sony DRU-810A drive and I want to know how to crossflash it to Benq 1640 firmware , which one is the best for burning 16X Sony MIJ DVD+R media , I will burn @ 12X to be safe , BSLB , BSMB or BSOB ?
I have no idea about crossflashing to and from Benq , I did that alot of times but only with Asus/Pioneer crossflashing .
Step by step please with links to necessary tools (files and software) .

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

PS : I decided to post it here in Sony’s forum rather in Benq’s forum is this ok ? :confused:

Go here and you’ll find the tool & file needed to crossflash it to a 1640. But you may want to try out the latest stock Sony firmware first before converting it to a 1640. If your results are acceptable, then there’s no need to crossflash, since it WILL void your warranty.

Hi :slight_smile:
Difficult to say which sectio of the forum to post in. Could be Sony/Lite-On as it’s a Sony. But due to the nature of the post BenQ/Philips might give you a greater response.
Anyway take a look here.
It might be worth your while trying out KTLs suggestion of running drive in its native form with its own f/w.
If you take the plunge BSLB/BSMB in my experience has the edge with + media.

Thank you very much guys for the replies.
Of course I can’t move the thread to Benq forum “I am not a moderator” :bigsmile:

I will try it first with stock Sony firmware but first I want to know whether it would do quality scans with its stock firmware or it can only do that with Benq’s firmware . :confused:
And don’t worry about the warranty , it [B]WON’T[/B] be void :disagree:

Hi :slight_smile:
AFAIK the Sony won’t do the scans. :sad:
The ‘BenQ’ will. :iagree: :cool:
If this thread had upset anyone it would’ve been moved, don’t worry about that. (Now I’ve said that it’ll get moved). :bigsmile:

I’ve seen your guide zebadee , it is the best flashing guide I’ve ever seen :iagree:
You are great man .
I will get the Sony mainly for quality scans , I have Pioneer 110 but as you know it doesn’t do QS , so I will have to crossflash the Sony to Benq , it seems a little bit complicated and not as simple as crossflashing my Asus 1608P2S to Pioneer 110 using DVRFlash , but I will do it and post the results.
Thanks again :bow:

Hi :slight_smile:
Take a look here. It’s probably more related to your specific requirements.

I just got it :bow:

When I flashed it to Benq 1640 BSMB , I forgot a disc in the drive but it worked :iagree:
I wonder how :confused:

Also it came with 18 months warranty , is this normal for Benq or Sony ?

I left a disc in my 810a drive as well when I flashed it to a 1640. I thought I was screwed but it worked ok.

Is it only 810A or other drives too can survive flashing while having discs in them ?

Also , what your warranty was for your Sony ?

As far as I know it is 1 year. I bought extended warranty though for 2 or 3 more years for $20, then I can get a new drive when needed.