Sony 810A retail rebadged BenQ 1640 for $55.99 shipped at newegg

If anyone is looking for 1640 retail here a link to newegg

Not bad but when the retail Benq 1655 can be had for only a few dollars more from the same site and it is just as good (if not better than the 1640) it just doesn’t make sense to bother with it.

If you don’t mind the OEM model then you can get it for the same price as that rebadged Sony.

I agree, I would also recommend the BenQ1655 over the rebadged Sony 810A, the drive is newer and has alot more potential with newer firmwares to come.

I also would agree with preferring the 1655 over the 1640, but there are those out there who are specifically looking for a 1640. Because of that, the original poster was performing a public service.

True but the reason why most people are looking for the 1640 is because of all of the rave reviews that they have read on here about the drive, a number of people don’t even know about the 1655. So I am just presenting them with the facts. IMHO not worth buying an outdated drive (no matter how good it is) when there is a newer and better version out for just a few dollars more.