Sony 810A-R to BenQ 1650

Hi, Just want someone to set me strait on this please.
I have Bqflasher 0.7.2 and Nero wnaspi32.dll and DW BCIC.EXE CmbFlash in a folder. DW BCIC.EXE CmbFlash under version language, it shows Chinese, downloaded from Benq USA site. Is this normal?
Bqflasher finds the 810A and loads the DW BCIC.EXE firmware.
Any warnings or advice on the flash!
The Sony DRU810A FW 1.0e June 2006.
One other note under that it says version ca!

Thanks for your help.


Flash it. The 810A-R is a known rebadge of the 1650. I would flash with one of the newer firmwares though. Make sure to let it complete, it will tell you when it is done and ask you to reboot your PC.

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping to actually have comments from folks that have did the 810A-R to 1650 with the tools I posted above! Is not BCIC the newest 1650 firmware?


it is, as far as i know

I didn’t notice any Chinese notice under version language when I crossflashed with BCFC. I started with BCFC, burned a few, then went to the BCICRPC1.exe (without the use of BQFLasher since it was already considered a BenQ drive b/c it was previously crossflashed) and everything worked fine. The only problem I had was that immediately after crossflashing, the drive was not viewable in the explorer window in my XP machine, though if you stuck in a disc it would autoplay just fine. I had to restart to get it to come back.

I have successfully flashed the Sony 810A-R 1.0e to BenQ 1650 BCIC. Using these tools Bqflasher 0.7.2 and Nero wnaspi32.dll and DW BCIC.EXE CmbFlash.

I would like to thank the folks for there replies.
I would especially like to thank these folks for there work and time, see I did read the posts first.
chok0, pinto2, Quikee, zebadee, others I’m sure I missed! Well done Freaks!