Sony 810A or Liteon SHW-1653s?

I’m going to buy my first DVD writer but I’m a little confused as I read different reviews about the dvd burners I have in mind on different places.Actually I don’t know from Sony 810A , Liteon Shw-1653s and Liteon sohw-1693s(these are my options) which to choose?
I’d be thankful if you share your opinions and experience with me.

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do you mean sohw-1653s or shw-1635s? there is no shw-1653s…

the sony 810a is a benq 1640, look into the benq forum for more info.

Based on the scans and the features, and the maturity of the firmware, I would choose the Liteon 1693. An additional benefit is that it will burn more media than the BenQ 1640.


I use to think like you until I got my Philips 1648P1 P2.2!!! This drive is burning and reading anything better then my 1693S (which is very good also).
I don’t know how is the Benq 1640 or the sony 810 FW because I even never tried to switch to any of them.
Since I got my Philips 1648, I almost don’t use my 1693S, even for CDs!!!

It depends on the media you use. I have no question in my mind that the 1640 is turning out to be a good drive, I just have a few reservations about BenQs in general but a lot of them are working just fine.

I get better burns on sone media with my BenQ. I just would not recommend it to many single burner users as it can be too much trouble to get the kind or results I expect. For a new user, BenQ can be a problem whereas Liteon generally is not.

Yes chok0 I meant SHW-1635S . Is this model better/newer than Sohw-1693s?
Actually I’m so picky when it comes to buying pc stuffs so I am trying to make best choice possible. I want a burner which burns most medias and also its burned disc can be read easily on other burners too.
So as far as I understand from your words,Liteon is better in this way than sony ?And among liteon models ,should I go for shw-1635?

I read this on benq forum "BenQ DW1640 is one of the best 16x DVD burners on the market. " Is it true?So if it’s so then should I forget about liteon and choose sony?badly confused :frowning:

i will get a 1635s tomorrow. it’s newer than the 1693s.

if the 1635 is as ‘good’ as theri older drives, i will get a benq next time.
it’s up to you which you get. if you want play with the drive (codeguys tools) get the liteon. if you just want to burn without knowing much about the drive get the benq/sony.

There is a newer model on Liteon site today : SHM - 165P6S
Has anyone burned DVD-RW / DVD+RW with Liteon 1693s or 1635s?
Does Liteon (1693s / 1635s) create more errors on the disc than Sony 810a,any experience?

read the reviews…

the 165P6s isn’t released yet.

I see.
did you get your 1635S, chok0?

no, i were at school when it came and there was nobody else at home. but i think tomorrow i will have it.

I just bought the Sony 810A from Best Buy for $99 with a $50 rebate. I stick with DVD-R and CD-R media because my 3 year old laptop doesn’t say it can accept +R. However, Everything I have burned has been read with my laptop as well as my really cheap Toshiba DVD players I just picked up at Costco. I have not tried -RW or double layer yet. The burner is amazingly fast and easy.

What other things can the lite-on drive do? I was looking at that as an alternative. I read reviews that the Sony was better. And then with the rebate, the price was matched so I got it.

The Sony 810 is just a rebadged BenQ 1640 so you should be able to set bitsetting and rip at a decent speed. Both drives will do better with +R so you might want to look up bitsetting and see if your player will work this way.

BenQ has a loyal following in spite of their quality control problems but both the Liteon and BenQ models will pretty much do the same things and both will provide very good quality burns.

Dis around in the BenQ forum to see what problems, if any, you will have accessing any BenQ features with your drive.

Of course there is, maybe before your time :stuck_out_tongue:

i can only see a SOHW-1653S and i also have this drive but don’t use it anymore…
now i’m using a SHW-1635S.

Interesting!!! I have not seen a full-height drive before. :confused:

At least not for a looooooong time.

Yep you’re right, i misread your post :slight_smile: