Sony 810A crossflashed to 1640 "Green LED"!


I’ve had my new Sony 810A for 5 days not and it is working great , the first time I installed it I replaced the paceplate with the black one and crossflashed the drive to Benq 1640 , the problem is that I noticed that when a disc is in the drive the green led is always “ON” , when reading it blinks and when writing it blinks too , but if I leave it with a disc inside it is always on , but when I remove the disc it turns “OFF” , shouldn’t it only blink when busy ? I mean I’ve never seen DVD LED that is always “ON” , it should be either blinking or “OFF”
Is this normal ? for Benq or Sony ? I’ve never seen such thing before , but anyway my experience was only with Asus drives (Pioneer oem) .
Please guys , I just want to know .


this is normal behaviour of Benq drives.


this is normal behaviour of Benq drives.
Possibly a characteristic of Benq F/W.

If you’re really not happy with the Sony F/W and the LED light you could give Philips F/W a try.

Personally I would live with the LED and use the Benq firmware. You should also be able to use QSuite now.

i didn’t like the constant on green led, but now i find it very useful, because i only have to look at the drive to see if a disc’s in it.

Thank you guys very much for your replies , it is a great place here.
I asked about this because when I first crossflashed my drive , I forgot to remove the disc that was inside , but the crossflash succeeded.
When I noticed the constant LED “ON” thing I thought that something wrong may have happened , but it seems normal as you said.
I always leave discs in my drive’s’ , is this wrong ?
Would a constant LED ON do any harm on the long run ?

A constant LED ON will not do any harm, if it’s normal BenQ behavior… :wink:
With firmware flashes, you should remove the discs and stuff, to be on the really safe side.

I’ve flashed firmwares hundreds of times since 1998 , at this particular time I haven’t got to sleep for 48 hours , I just forgot the disc , I always remove them before flashing .
Thank God I was lucky enough :bow:

Offtopic: Some people have told me that leaving a disc in the drive helps protect the lens from dust (Bombay is a very dusty city). Is this a good idea?