Sony 7260 Crossflash



hi friends whats the best FW for the 7260 to crossflash?


Liggy’s RPC-1 & bitsetting firmware is available here, and that’s about it.

To crossflash to another model (e.g. AD-7263S for Labelflash support) you would need to overcome certain obstacles placed there by the manufacturer. It was technically possible to crossflash the AD-7200 series & earlier drives, but I am not aware of anybody crossflashing the AD-7240/60/80 series drives.

No tools for crossflashing NEC/Optiarc drives will ever be available on this site. This is because in late 2005 representitives of an unnamed party contacted CDFreaks & Liggy objecting in the strongest possible terms to the crossflashing of ND-3550/4550/4551 drives due to licensing/royalty issues. To protect the owners of the site, discussion of the subject is limited (there is a discussion thread here) and posting links to crossflashing tools is forbidden.