Sony 720A firmware



I read the stickies on how to chagne the write profile of the burner and followed the steps. I downloaded the sony_stock .bin from the site and use omni to edit the new yb03.bin file as follow, my media Fuji Film aka YUNDA000/t2/0 or something like that :slight_smile: to be able to write at 12x and 16x instead of just 6x and 8x. Naturally I double click and select the profile below it that support 6x-16x and it show the ! on the left. When I click apply 10 more profile were also upgraded along with it, which i don’t really care anyway since I don’t buy those media. After all that I saved the file as yb03.bin and use the flash program provided by the site and click flash the bios with the updated one.

After a few mins of blinking, it completed, I click ok, reboot, after reboot I go into nero and load up an iso data file to burn and click burn and the speed is still lock at 6x,8x. I tried this at least 8x before I gave up. I go back in and reattract the bios from the burner and open it with omni and to my surprise the .bin is the same as the stock .bin without the profile changed according to the updated .bin.

I think it is not taking the update of the .bin file even though it was a succes. Maye I am using the wrong program or something, I just don’t know why it not taking the new .bin file and the new write profile. I don’t want to go through with the return process and return this burner.

Anyone have this problem and success in fixing it, be great if you can post how to get it to work and with what program.


Hi, and welcome to CDF…

Why are you flashing a .bin file? Just use the integrated flasher…

And I’m also confused about what drive you have. You say that you have a 720A. The firmware for a 720A should follow a JY0x format. What’s yb03? I assume that’s a typo for BY03 (which is a 710A firmware, not a 720A firmware).