Sony 710A - How to make as region free drive?



I am new for DVD concepts, pls help me out to resolve the issue, The nero tool shows the RPC II & region as 1.

I want to set the region code for my Sony 710A drive, so that it can play all regions. Is that possible to set it at drive level? which tool I have to use to set the regions? or is there any tool to set at software level?

Pls let know how to make my Sony 710A to play all region DVDs. Also suggest me which is the safest & secure way to make my drive as region free drive or play the all region dvd.



@ jtambi
Try looking in the very informative FAQs . That should send you in the right direction.


any other suggestions pls, apart from redirecting to FAQ…!


i just followed the link posted by please and i took me less than 1 min to find the answer, its not rocket science…!


I read the FAQ & now I want to make sure that LtnRPC tool is compatible to make my Sony 710A as region free? also I read that EEPROM util can be used to backup my existing drive settings & restore back.

Pls suggest me the steps to followup & also the tools I listed above are the right one for the Sony 710A…

Has any one tried LtnRPC with Sony 710A…?

Is that DVD43 tool which make bypass the region lock on the fly - is sufficient to to watch all region DVD? pls suggest!



just read this review by CDRLABS


Has any one tried with LtnRPC to make / reset the Sony 710A drive as region free drive?

I am currently using DVD43 to enable/view the DVD movies. Also would like to know do I still need to use the LtnRPC to make the drive level region free?

I am using DVD shrink to rip to my harddisk as .ISO file & then using nero 6.x Sony edition to write to DVD-R media.

Any suggestions pls…

Thanks all


yes, you can disable the region counter with LtnRPC.



Thanks for postings, now I got fare idea on DVD settings, I just want to list the steps which I used for my Sony 710A drive to make complete Region free (based on the suggestions & reviews by other users)

Sony 710A -

Region Free at drive level

  1. Read the review of Sony 710A at

  2. Install KProbe from

Region Free Software level

  1. Install DVD43 from

  2. To enable/disable DVD43 at startup use dvd43disableonstartup.reg and dvd43enableonstartup.reg from above site


  1. Install DVDShrink from

  2. Sample screenshots od DVDshrink


  1. Use nero to burn the ISO image files at 4x speed if possible to avoid RPC check failure.

Please read the reviews at the respective websites before proceeding the steps. Let me know if I am missing any steps.