Sony 710a help

I own a a Sony 710a and have be burning like crazy, up to about 150 DVDs, mostly DVDs. All on Ritek (DVD+R) R03 @ 8x speed, usually using DVD Shrink/Nero/Alcohol 120.

Just last week I upgraded my TV and DVD player to Samsung TX-P3064w and DVD-HD841.

Well non of my DVDs worked in the DVD player. These DVD I have used on over five different players from normal DVD players to Xbox and portables.

I called Samsungs tech support and they said that DVD-R is more of the “standard” video DVD…not DVD+R. and to try lowering the burn speed.

Well I did trying buring them at 4x and they seem to work fine when burned slower.

I tried a back up on my dads computer with the same disks(@8x) and his NEC 3500, and it played fine in the samsung DVD player.

Whats is the problem here The media/burner/DVD players (who’s to blame!!! :a )

What should I do sell the Sony 710 and replace it with a NEC 3520, buy new media, (DVD-R)/(better media)(firmware upgrade). Or just buck up and burn at 4x.

But this still leaves the question of what to do with around a 100 DVD I have already burned, its going to be a pain to just reburn them a 4x to work.

All input or opinions welcome.

Thanks Andy

Tech specs
AMD 3200
Sony 710a /BYX3
ASPI 4.71.2
Nero Aspi
DVD shrink 3.2

NEC is a better burner. Make sure you set the booktype of DVD+R to DVD-ROM.

Where do I set the book type, in the software?

Thanks Andy

With the mod firmware. Checkout the NEC forum.