Sony 700A problems :: Long read



Hello, I am unsure as to how to fix this drive, or if it would be possible to fix the drive. The drive is my sisters and a sony 700, also had the current firmware when I arrived. The drive would not read any dvd media, blank or written, blanks would turn the disk icon in windows explorer turn into a cd drive and would display the insert disk msg when tried to open. A Dvd would cause the drive to click, and the light to flash, but would lockup windows explorer when attemping to open the drive, once ejected windows would display the insert disk msg.

This is where my fun started. I have a “710a”(mislabled drive that was actually a 700a) at home, so I somewhat knew what I was doing when I set out to reflash this one, and get to into a working state. After visting this site I downloaded these 3 firmware’s(YV05, CY58, CG5J) hoping atleast one would work well enough to allow dvd’s to be read. After attempting each, none of them worked. I then returned to the website and downloaded this one “CG2B/CG3B/CG3E/CG4E/CG5E/CG5G - patched - improved +R burn quality (old)” and tried the CG5G from it, this still did not work.

I downloaded Xflash, and LtnFW. I extraced the .bin from the CY58(liteon-ledfix) then flashed the drive, (update and update boot code) and attempted to load a DVD before rebooting. It had worked! loaded up the lord of the rings dvd autorun program for some dvd player, i was happy, and rebooted. After rebooting, the drive didnt work anymore!!! I was back to square one, just with another firmware. Just as a note, I did reboot between every flash, and I never flashed or rebooted with a disk in the drive.

Anyway, Even after trying the same steps again, starting from the beginning, I could not get the drive to again read that DVD or any other again. Is the DVD laser dead or what? I’ve suggested getting a new drive, but what would be a good cheap drive? I’ve seen a new sony 800, 810, 820 or something for about $50, is it worth it or would it give as many problems as the current?



A new Lite-On 5S/6S-series or a Sony OEM-model (in the brown boxes) will probably be cheaper still. And you can re-use the 700A’s faceplate on those, if you wish :slight_smile: .


Hello, Took a look around at the 165H6S’s from liteon and ordered one of these on friday from Newegg. Didn’t save anymore money on this then what would have been with the sony810a, but also does the lightscribe disk lables and 5x DVD RAM. The retail version (the one I ordered) is about $5 more then an OEM version which was the main reason getting the retail one instead, might aswell pay $5 for a warrenty and support.

Will it be a good drive?


Hi! Yes, you should be happy with your new purchase. Some people on this forum will argue that the Sony 810 is the better buy since it can be “crossflashed” to a BenQ 1640. For a “normal” user, the addition of LS and RAM however should be more useful than a 5% higher quality score in cdspeed. I own most every brand of DVD-burner and find the LiteOns to be the most fun to use. They’re just easy like your everyday pair of jeans and when they’re worn you just buy another and are happy to have something new.