Sony 52x = Liteon 52x?



I am looking for a new CD burner - upgrading from my 12x Plexxie.

Wanted to buy a Lite-on, but i heard that the Sonys are simply rebadged Lite-ons. Is this always true ?

So the Sony CRX220 is the same as the Lite-on LTR52245S ???

If so, id like to go for the Sony. Its the same price and looks a little bit better hehe


Yes it’s the same drive.


Are there any other brands that are always rebadged Liteon’s? I’ve heard that Buslink’s are. I’ve got a Cendyne that was (there marked on the back of the box as to what’s the drive model). I’ve got my eye on a Buslink 52x24x52 for $20 after rebates. Is there any way to tell if it’s a Liteon before buying?


it’ll be a lite-on if the box says “smart-burn” on it. memorex is another company that rebadges only lite-ons.



Actually, I think it says “Power-Burn” … is that a bad sign ?


It’s still a LiteOn.


yeah, the sony is still a lite-on. the smart-burn reference was for dt196 and whether cendynes or buslinks are lite-ons.


Thanks AZImmortal,
Just got back from BB where I picked up a " Smart Burn" Buslink for $20 with rebates. Be sure to check the boxes as there were two different boxes, one said Smart BURN and the other said Buffer Underun Protection. I got the SB one, and inside is a Liteon 52246S.